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Tarpaulins Direct Blog

Tarps Used to Save Centuries Old Cave Paintings from Fire!

1st Dec 2020

In Santa Barbara, California, USA State Park officials have had to act swiftly in order to save pre
Winter Covering Tarpaulins

24th Nov 2020

About this time of year a tarp is an essential item. A tarp can make a great cover for anything
Massive Tarps Used to preserve 100 sq km of Ski Slopes!

10th Nov 2020

Gigantic white tarpaulins are being used to combat global warming and preserve glaciers an
Stray Cat Saved by Tarp from 11th Floor Plunge!

3rd Nov 2020

At least a couple of times in the past we’ve brought you stories of people being saved from buil
How to Meet Safely and Comfortably in Your Garden in Tier 1 and 2 Restrictions

23rd Oct 2020

The advent of new Tier 1, 2 and 3 restrictions in the UK has changed who can meet their friend
Clocks go Back – Time to cover your Prized Garden Stuff!

20th Oct 2020

With the clocks going back this weekend (at 2am on Sunday the 25 th Oct 2020), it’s a reminde
The 3 Most Important Things to Think of when Buying your Tarp

13th Oct 2020

The endlessly useful tarp is one of the most versatile and simple tools you can get your hands o
Community Art Tarp Mural a Tribute to Love

2nd Oct 2020

It’s not often in the heady world of tarps that you get to talk about art and romance, but we found
Boy Rescued from Death Drop with Tarp

25th Sep 2020

An article in The Toronto Sun tells the dramatic story of how a tarp was used to help save a 6 ye