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Tarpolgy - 5 Easy Build Top Tarp Tent Designs!

25th Jun 2021

This has got to be one of the very best guides for setting up Tarp Shelters we’ve found! This ultimate tarp shelter guide shows in detail how to set up 5 different types of tarp shelter and shows you everything you need to know – even some really snazzy adjustable knots!

Before showing you how to build each shelter the video takes you through the pros and cons of each type and walks you through how to build the perfect tarp shelter to suit - whatever your needs.

Learn how to build 5 types of shelter:

  • 1.Stealth Tarp
  • 2.Tipi Tarp
  • 3.The Classic ‘A’ Frame
  • 4.The Plow Point
  • 5.The Tarp Tent

You could use pretty much any of our  Tarps to build these shelters, but of course the obvious choice would be our  Camo Tarps, and you can use Tyton Rope instead of para cord.

We know hordes of you have been getting out their enjoying the great British countryside in these times when foreign holidays are less of an option! And with more scorching weather being reported as on the way, this amazing video, a tarp and some rope are all you need to get going on your very own little bushcraft adventure!