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Tarpaulins Direct Blog

How to Create Extra Eyelets in our Tarps

25th Mar 2022

Our Tarpaulins already come with eyelets spaced every metre apart, but what if you need extra one
What Size Tarp do I Need

11th Mar 2022

So, you know you need a tarp but you want to make sure you get the right size. No problem you th
Why a Tarp is an Essential Camping Bit of Kit

4th Mar 2022

With travel abroad still presenting issues for some, and others having found they just enjoy stay
The Most Important Things to Think of when Buying a Tarp

18th Feb 2022

The endlessly useful tarp is one of the most versatile and simple tools you can get your hands o
Tarp Tape - Just the thing for Mending or Joining Tarps

11th Feb 2022

We often get customers asking for advice on the best way to modify, mend or expand their tarps.&n
Handy Tarp Accessories for All Your Needs

28th Jan 2022

We've got some great handy new products (and some old favourites too) to help with those sligh
Time to Take Down Your Christmas Tree?

7th Jan 2022

So it’s about this time of year, that debate is on everyone lips – “When are you supposed to take
Some of our Different Types of Non-Standard Tarp

17th Dec 2021

Most tarps are a pretty standard product. Plastic sheeting (or other material basically), most of
Custom Bungee Cords and Fastenings

18th Nov 2021

Our Coloured Bungee Cords are great for all your tying and securing needs – useful