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Be Eco-friendly with The Tarp Hook

21st May 2021

Plastic Pollution in the oceans of the world is a current hot topic, with David Attenborough’s massively popular Blue Planet II series poignantly highlighting the problem to millions both on screen and on the web.

Many of our customers may not be aware that our sister company is Bradshaws Direct – one of the UK’s leading pond supply companies – so the welfare of fish and ocean life is something very important to us. With this in mind we were recently contacted by SLOACTIVE – a company that campaigns for plastic pollution awareness, and who have recently published a useful guide:  Plastic Pollution: Single Use Plastic Impact on our Oceans.

Tarp Hooks

SLOACTIVE had seen a previous blog post of ours about our Tarp Hooks and thought that they could be a great way to make use of empty plastic bottles instead of throwing them away (every little helps), and so they contacted us asking if we might like to include a link to their guide to help raise awareness of this massive problem! Their guide is packed with useful information and some truly staggering facts and figures – such as the fact that more than 8 million tons of discarded plastic ends up in our oceans every year! …And that this plastic menace has ‘…impacted over 600 marine species from the bottom to the top of the food chain, many dying a slow agonizing death through entanglement or ingesting plastic.’

So of course we’re more than happy to give their campaign a bit of space on our site and help a little bit to spread awareness of this ever-growing environmental issue.

Please head over to the SLOACTIVE guide and get updated with everything you need to know about plastic pollution in our oceans and what you can do to help combat it.