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​Tarp vs Tent Part 1

28th May 2021

Another great video that really highlights the advantages of using a tarp when your out camping instead of a full tent. This vlogger is clearly an advocate of tarp tents for many reasons including their versatility and for just shear enjoyment value. He even highlights the mental health benefits that he seems to enjoy from the experience of tarp tenting. And let’s not forget he’s an ex Royal Marine, so obviously really knows his stuff!

A veteran backpacker he’s gone all over the place and really is an advocate for how a tarp is all you need – well that and a few little pieces of rope, walking sticks or branches to use as props and of course some handy trees. The perfect tarp for these outdoor camping purposes would be our Camo Tarps which are light yet weather and UV resistant. They’re strong and will blend in really well in the great outdoors!

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