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Tarpaulins Direct Blog

Size Matters

12th Feb 2021

So, you know you need a tarp but you want to make sure you get the right size. No problem you th
Why a Tarp is an Essential bit of Camping Kit

5th Feb 2021

So, you’re taking the kids camping (post Covid restrictions of course). Even if you’ve got a super
Treeless Tarp Tent!

27th Jan 2021

Another great tarp shelter video. This one is a particularly good one as it’s very detailed with
The Right Tarp for the Right Job!

19th Jan 2021

Most tarps are a pretty basic product. Plastic sheeting (or other material basically), most often
Top 5 Advantages to Camping with a Tarp Tent

13th Jan 2021

It may be some time before any of us are jetting off to foreign climes on our holidays, so UK
3 Tarp Tents for Rainy Days

7th Jan 2021

Now that we’re into January and with the vaccines roll out people are starting to think about ho
​Tarp Hook - Perfect When There's no Anchor Point for Your Tarp!

22nd Dec 2020

Take a look at the simple but clever Tarp Hook . This amazing little hook is just the thin
Hippo Swivel Clips - No End of Uses

18th Dec 2020

An invaluable and versatile item for you to have in your tarp kit is this Hippo Swivel Clip.
​Our Coloured Bungee Cords and Clips

11th Dec 2020

Our Coloured Bungee Cords are great for all your tying and securing needs – useful