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Uses For Tarpaulins: Camping

Even if you have a brand new tent and camping gear, a tarpaulin is a must-have bit of kit for any camping trip!

Waterproof, versatile, and easy to pack away, a tarpaulin sheet has many uses when living outdoors. Tie one up between trees or poles for an instant shelter, providing a dry communal area away from the tents, or use it to add an extra canopy layer above the tents in case of particularly heavy rainfall.

Uses for Tarps - Camping 1

Tarpaulins can also be used to fashion makeshift shelters for storing camping equipment, firewood, and food, or to create a separate kitchen or living area. They also make excellent groundsheets, thanks to their waterproof nature.

Uses for Tarps - Camping 2

Available from Bradshaws Direct in a large range of sizes, a variety of colours, and at a price to suit any budget, tarpaulins are a camping necessity!

We also stock other essential camping gear, including torches, wind up radios, and chargers.

Other uses for Tarpaulins: