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Uses For Tarpaulins: Building

Tarpaulins have many uses for building and DIY projects.

Tarpaulin sheeting makes ideal weatherproofing for use on scaffolding and other building site areas, keeping work areas dry and preventing walkways from becoming wet and slippery. Clear Monotex Tarpaulin can be used, offering full visibility and light penetration with the full waterproof protection of any standard tarp.

Uses for Tarps - Building 1

Covering equipment and supplies with a tarpaulin sheet protects them from the elements, keeping building materials dry and helping to prevent rusting and damage to machinery and power tools. Tarpaulins can also be used as a groundsheet to keep materials safe from damp penetrating from below.

A Tarpaulin groundsheet is also ideal for protecting a floor while mixing up concrete or adhesives.

Uses for Tarps - Building 2

Tarps can also be used for DIY projects, or by tradesman such as painters & decorators, providing easy to position and manoeuvre floor and furniture cover when sanding, painting, varnishing etc. Budget or Value tarpaulins are perfect for any job where the tarps may need to be disposed of at the end.

Uses for Tarps - Building 3

Other uses for Tarpaulins: