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Tarpaulins Direct Blog

Using Midi Holdons

1st Feb 2018

Almost all of our tarpaulins come with eyelets every metre, but what if you want them spaced more fr
Why use our Budget tarpaulin?

24th Jan 2018

We stock various different grades of tarpaulin, so how do you choose which one you need? Find out mo
Using a Tarpaulin for a 'Slip 'n' Slide'

24th Jan 2018

You’d be surprised the amount of phone calls we receive in summer asking if our tarpaulins are suit
Polyfix Tape Kit

23rd Jan 2018

We might sell our Polyfix Tape Kit with tarpaulin in mind, but it’s so versatile it can be used for
Using a Tarpaulin to Cover a Barbecue

22nd Jan 2018

The only downside of having a barbecue in summer? Forgetting you left the barbecue uncovered last su
Using Extra Eyelets

21st Jan 2018

Our Budget and Topgrade tarpaulins already come with eyelets every metre, but what if you want them
Using a Tarpaulin as a Boat Cover

16th Jan 2018

Some of our most regular customers are boat owners, looking for something cost effective to cover th
Tarp Tips for Taking Down and Recycling Your Christmas Tree

5th Jan 2018

So it’s about this time of year, that debate is on everyone lips – “When are you supposed to take th
Top Uses for Tarpaulins

30th Nov 2017

It's fair to say that the ubiquitous yet ever humble tarpaulin is a virtuoso of versatility...From s