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Tarp vs Tent Part 2

4th Jun 2021

Here’s another interesting video looking at and comparing the various pros and cons of tents vs tarps when it comes to camping.

Once again this veteran wild camper clearly states at the beginning and end of the vid that his preference is and always will be to take and use a tarp, although of course he agrees that there are some situations in which a tent would be more suitable.

The pros and cons listed for each option are similar to those highlighted in the video in our last blog. However one interesting point in this vid is where the vlogger mentions that tents often include anchor points for guy lines which can provide extra stability and robustness. Here at  Tarpaulins Direct though we have a range of great fastener solutions that overcome this drawback and actually provide greater flexibility in where you could potentially attach guy lines.

Our  Hippo Swivel ClipsMIDI Holdons and Tarp Grippers can all attach to tarps wherever you like, and they all have loops for attaching lines, giving total versatility and flexibility - meaning you can attach a guy line absolutely anywhere you like. They’ll attach to any of our  Tarps, including Camo Tarps which are always popular with campers.

So why not get yourself equipped and get out in the great British outdoors for your camping holiday staycation this year!

In our next blog we’ll look at some possible configurations of tarp tents, delving in to the growing field (no pun intended) of what has become known as ‘Tarpology!’