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Tarpaulins Direct Blog

Add New Eyelets to Your Tarps!

11th Jun 2021

Our Tarpaulins already come with eyelets spaced every metre apart, but what if you need extra one
Tarp vs Tent Part 2

4th Jun 2021

Here’s another interesting video looking at and comparing the various pros and cons of tents vs
​Tarp vs Tent Part 1

28th May 2021

Another great video that really highlights the advantages of using a tarp when your out camping
Be Eco-friendly with The Tarp Hook

21st May 2021

Plastic Pollution in the oceans of the world is a current hot topic, with David Attenborough’s m
Budget Tarpaulin – Ideal Around Home and Garden

14th May 2021

Our Budget Tarpaulins are ideal for all kinds of jobs around the home and garden. Like
Tarp Trick for Folding Huge Tarps

23rd Apr 2021

How about this for a nifty tarp trick for anyone struggling with folding large tarp coverings u
Tarp Tape - Perfect for Mending or Joining Tarps

20th Apr 2021

We often get customers asking for advice on the best way to modify, mend or expand their tarps.&n
Tarp Shelters - Perfect for your Staycation Adventure!

9th Apr 2021

With many of us likely taking staycations this year as Covid restrictions begin to relax we'll be
Lite Tite – Instant doorway wherever you need it!

1st Apr 2021

Need a temporary doorway in a hurry? We've got you covered!Lite Tite is an amazing peel and st