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Wilderness Tarp Boat on Alone – The Hunted

20th Aug 2021

We always like to feature articles and video clips about tarp tents and just how useful tarps are generally when camping, but if you really wanna see some wild-living tarp action then The History Channel’s Alone is the place to go.

Season 8 is currently running here in the UK and it’s just as chock full of tarp action as ever. You’ll see tarps used in everything from shelter making, to processing food and as you can see from the video - one inventive contestant even made a boat with his tarp!

Alone is always a great watch and the main difference this season is a change of location to Grizzly Mountain. …And it’s not called Grizzly Mountain for nothing! The contenders on the show have always had to contend with local wildlife but for season 8 the producers have really upped the ante on the danger front – you’ll see several hair-raising encounters with wild bears and other wildlife – even mountain lions!

So if you really want to see what can be done with a tarp in real life wilderness living be sure to tune in to The History Channel UK, on Thursday nights at 9pm for the 90 minute show.