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Uses For Tarpaulins: Farming

Tarpaulins are a necessity for farming, particularly with the typical UK summer weather!

Available in a huge range of sizes and guaranteed waterproof for 18 months, tarpaulins can be used to cover crops, hay, straw, and farm machinery, protecting them from the elements.

Uses for Tarps - Farming 1

Tarpaulins Direct tarpaulins can also be used to effect quick repairs around the farm on out-buildings, sheds, and barns, when roofs or side panels have been damaged by wind or deteriorated with age. Coupled with ropes, fasteners, and eyelets, tarpaulins offer a flexible and cheap way to carry out temporary repair work.

Uses for Tarps - Farming 2

Tarpaulins also double up as excellent groundsheets, providing excellent ground coverage for storing items and crops above the damp of the earth.

Uses for Tarps - Farming 3

Other uses for Tarpaulins: