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Tarpaulins Direct Blog

Tarp Shelters - Perfect for your Staycation Adventure!

9th Apr 2021

With many of us likely taking staycations this year as Covid restrictions begin to relax we'll be
Lite Tite – Instant doorway wherever you need it!

1st Apr 2021

Need a temporary doorway in a hurry? We've got you covered!Lite Tite is an amazing peel and st
Protecting Your Haystacks with a Tarp

26th Mar 2021

Most people probably think that a hay bale is an inert, inactive object. In actual fact though h
UV Radiation (Sunlight) and its Effect on Tarps

19th Mar 2021

We all know that sunlight has an effect on our skin and can lead to reddening, burning, tanning or
How to Use your Tarp to Keep your Garden Free from Weeds

10th Mar 2021

As the weather starts to feel a little bit better and spring is just around the corner, most of us
​Solar Tarpaulins set for a Bright Future!

5th Mar 2021

Having highlighted the recent innovation that is Solar Tarpaulins, we thought we’d bring you anothe
Solar Tarpaulins - The Future is Flexible

26th Feb 2021

How about this for a great idea – Solar Tarpaulins! Yes that’s right, with their often large surfac
Profi Tarp Premium - Good for the Toughest of Jobs!

18th Feb 2021

The Profi Tarp is our strongest tarp by far. This tough heavyweight tarp is just the thing for
Size Matters

12th Feb 2021

So, you know you need a tarp but you want to make sure you get the right size. No problem you th