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Tarp Boat Comes up Trumps and Proves the Gamechanger Colter had Hoped!

1st Oct 2021

In the Latest episode of Alone Series 8 (Grizzly Mountain), Colter’s Tarp Boat REALLY brings home the bacon …or, well, …the Bull Trout at least!

As the contestants reach a crucial milestone that they’d been waiting for, hopes of a fish bonanza are uppermost in the remaining 4 competitor’s minds. However Colter’s boat constructed by fitting a tarp to a wooden framework, complete with riggers gives him the edge!

Local seasonal wildlife hunting restrictions meant that the participants in Alone Series 8 were prohibited from using gillnets to fish with until day 45 of the challenge. As the milestone approaches contestants construct their gillnets in readiness – all hoping against hope that the nets will enable them to finally get some much needed protein and essential fats and oils into their rapidly emaciating bodies!

Colter however has not just a gillnet, but also his fantastic little tarp boat, that enables him to get much further out into deeper water and follow where the fish are going. Sure enough on just the 1st day of use his tarp boat assisted gillnet immediately nets him not just 1 but 2 huge bull trout!

As you can see in the video his elation at the bumper catch has him screaming and beaming with joy and relief, and the hope that his tarp boat will truly be the gamechanger he hoped, and will take him sailing over the finish line to the $500, 000 prize.