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Clocks Go Back on Sunday - Protect Your Garden Items!

29th Oct 2021

With the clocks going back this weekend at 2am on Sunday the 31st October (or Saturday night before you go to bed, for clocks you have to adjust manually), it’s a reminder that the darker longer nights and wintery weather are just around the corner. Now is about the time you might be thinking of protecting your garden furniture items and equipment.

Ok so some things are fine to store in the shed or garage, but what about those bigger items that might do well to be protected from the elements over autumn and winter? Garden furniture is a good example. Even some items that are fairly hardy will probably last a lot longer if they’re covered and protected from the worst that autumn and winter can throw at them.

Tarp Covering Garden FurnitureOur Topgrade Tarpaulins are the perfect solution for just that problem. They’re made with tightly woven polyethylene and weigh 200 grams per square metre, making them perfect for protecting your furniture to keep it pristine and in top condition. Topgrade Tarpaulins are also extremely tough, yet incredibly lightweight. Making covering your furniture, equipment and other items quick and easy.

Camo Tarp Covering Garden Chair

Or if you want something to blend in to the garden a bit more you could try one of our Camouflage Tarps . At 110gsm and in a variety of sizes they’re the perfect combination of quality, durability and value.

Of course it’s not just garden furniture you might want to cover either – how about your mower, barbeque, kids trampoline or all kinds of other items.

Our tarps have handy eyelets every metre and we have a whole range of Tie-down Options for you to use with them, so you can be sure to find just the thing to suit your needs.