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Custom Bungee Cords and Fastenings

18th Nov 2021

Our Coloured Bungee Cords are great for all your tying and securing needs – useful for tarpaulins, roof racks, caravans, and any home, work or leisure use. As they’re available in 4 colours they’ll also blend in and match where you need them to, and are available in 6 or 8mm diameters.

They’re hugely versatile and adaptable. We sell them by 20m or 100m lengths, or you can buy, by the metre to match your requirements exactly. Not only that you can pair with 2 types of hooks/clips – either the adjustable  Easy Fix Hooks for positioning your hook at any point you like, or the  Auto Locking Hooks for an easy secure fix.

Coloured Bungee Cord

Coloured Bungee Cords:

  • Hardwearing, lightweight, waterproof Bungee Cord with  8mm or 6mm diameter
  • Made with a natural rubber core and a braided polypropylene outer
  • UV treated and stabilised to resist harmful sunlight exposure for extensive periods
  • Highly elastic and capable of 100% plus elongation
  • Ideal for use with tarpaulins, roof racks, caravans and any home, work or leisure application where you need to secure your gear

Auto Locking Hooks For 6 Or 8mm Bungee Cord

Auto Locking Hooks:

  • Hardwearing Auto Locking Hooks for use with our 8mm and 6mm Bungee Cord
  • Easy fit design - no tools required
  • Made from ultra hardwearing black plastic
  • Security locking mechanism incorporated for a secure and safe fitting
  • Order as singles or in packs of 10 or 100

Easy Fix Hook For 6 Or 8mm Bungee Cord

Easy Fix Hooks:

  • Hardwearing Easy Fix Bungee Hooks for use with our 8mm and 6mm Bungee Cord
  • Easily fitted and adjusted - no rings, pliers or other tools required
  • Position these hooks at any point on the bungee cord
  • Made from durable black nylon (BS 450N app.)
  • Order as singles or in packs of 10 or 100