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Is Colter’s Tarp Boat Taking him to the Win?

15th Oct 2021

Tuning in to the latest episode of Alone Series 8: Grizzly Mountain, I was keen to see how Colter was getting on and whether his ingenious tarp boat was continuing to give him the edge by helping to catch more fish than the other competitors by getting out into the deeper water. Is the tarp boat still putting him on track to win?

Disaster strikes! In the latest episode Colter wakes to a snow covered landscape and heads down to where his boat is moored only to find that his boat has been sunk in the horrendous weather! Colter is obviously distraught and dismayed – his disappointment is palpable as he realizes his hopes of winning the challenge outright may be dashed! However he keeps his head and wades out to try and salvage the wrecked boat.

Once retrieved on closer inspection he realizes that thankfully the damage is actually only superficial and with some minor repairs he is able to fix it up to be usable again.

Disaster averted! However he’s learnt a valuable lesson – not to leave the tarp boat moored out on the water when the waves are whipping up! Colter’s still in the game!

He is in high spirits and optimistic that his boat and gillnet will get him more fish. Sure enough his first trip out in the newly fixed up boat nets him another huge bull trout! Happy days!

Rejuvenated by both the calories and the joy of success Colter decides to try and double up on his fish yield by ‘investing’ the calories in building a 2 nd gillnet, and also in gathering firewood to get him through the winter while he has the energy to do so.

So Colter’s now massively buoyed up by the effectiveness of his gillnet so far and makes another as he is convinced that “the gillnets are gonna take me to the end!”

His next visits to the gillnets however don’t yield any fish and we begin to wonder if perhaps his extreme confidence was somewhat misplaced. Or maybe it’s just a temporary lull and the fish will be biting again in no time? …It remains to be seen. However with the weekly health check visit from the production crew looming and his health deteriorating Colter begins to wonder if he’ll even get the chance to find out?

So will Colter make it and the tarp boat and gillnet take him to the win? Watch the vid to find out.