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Why a Tarp is an Great bit of Camping Kit

5th Feb 2021

So, you’re taking the kids camping (post Covid restrictions of course). Even if you’ve got a super hi-tech tent (or even a basic one), you should also consider taking a decent sized tarp or 3 along. Trust me, you’ll find no end of uses in the great outdoors.

Even with the best tent, camping fun can still be turned into misery by a bout of seriously heavy rainfall – and with the great British weather there’s always a chance of that! One of the best things to do however if you’re experiencing adverse weather, is to add an extra layer of protection with a tarp. Set up a tarp by tying between trees to add an extra layer of canopy above your tent. This will keep the worst of a torrential downpour away from your actual living space and vastly improve your situation in the most inclement of weather.

The same approach can be used to create windbreaks and covered areas for cooking, other tasks, to cover equipment or stores – or even just an extended area to kickback and relax.

Another top tip is to use a tarp as an extra groundsheet. Placing a tarp under your tent will stop it sticking and bogging down in damp ground. When it comes time to pack up, the bottom of your tent will be dry and mud free, ready to use again at the next site or trip. Believe it or not you can even use a tarp as a great extra Makeshift Tent in itself. Or you can use one to make a decent hammock if you’re running short on sleeping space.

We’ve got all kinds of tarps to suit your needs just take a look at our Tarps Section.