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Tarp Shelters - Perfect for your Staycation Adventure!

9th Apr 2021

With many of us likely taking staycations this year as Covid restrictions begin to relax we'll be looking for ways to have adventures in the countryside. We've mentioned tarp tents before, but how about using a tarp as an essential component of a more substantial shelter. We’re massive fans of Survival Lily’s videos here at Tarpaulins Direct – and she uses some great equipment too. If you fancy getting some Camouflage Tarpaulins just like the ones in this video we have just the thing.

They’re perfect for a shelter like Lily makes here, or for creating a Tarp Tent, or in fact for any camping or outdoor application.

Camo Tarp - Perfect for Woodland Shelters

We find camouglage tarps are very popular with scout halls, outward bound centres and the like – but also with individuals and families. Younger members of the family in particular might prefer the design rather than your standard old blue or white tarp.

Finally of course, if you really do want to stock up for the zombie apocalypse or just want a discreet cover for a woods or rural setting these can be just the job.

If you think you need some camo tarp in your life, or need some other options, just click through and browse our website. Need some more advice on what's the right tarp or other item for you? You can contact our friendly team by phone (01904 698813), or Live Chat for the best advice.