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Profi Tarp Premium - Good for the Toughest of Jobs!

18th Feb 2021

The Profi Tarp is our strongest tarp by far. This tough heavyweight tarp is just the thing for even the most demanding of jobs! It weighs in at a massive 570gsm making it the heaviest tarp we’ve ever stocked (no chances of this beast blowing away in a gale!)

It’s a forest green colour that will blend in nicely to all kinds of settings. Like all our tarps it has double edged reinforced hems and is waterproof, UV resistant and rot proof. This particular tarp has eyelets every 50cm, giving you extra anchor points beyond the usual metre spaced eyelets to compensate for all that extra weight.

Unlike most regular tarps this is made from super tough hardwearing PVC meaning it will last for ages!