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How to Create Extra Eyelets in our Tarps

25th Mar 2022

Our Tarpaulins already come with eyelets spaced every metre apart, but what if you need extra ones, or want them spaced closer together? We stock extra eyelets in packs of 10 which are easily installed without the need for any special machinery.

They come in three parts – a plastic eyelet split into two pieces and an o-ring to keep them fitting tightly together. Just place one half of the plastic Eyelet on one side of the tarp, and the other half with the O-ring on the other side. Then just get a hammer and tap them together. Then just pierce through the centre and you have an extra eyelet! It's as simple as that!

With this kit extra eyelets are quick and easy to create and they come in packs of 10 so they're cheap as chips! They're available in blue, black, green or white to match the colours of our tarpaulins.

Our extra eyelets will only fit in our Budget and Topgrade tarps, as the heavier tarpaulins are too thick but don’t worry – we have a solution for those too! Check out our Midi Holdons if you need extra fasten points in any of our thicker tarps. Or if you don't need an actual hole to loop something through but just want to grab and fasten on to a tarp then our Hippo Swivel Clips could be just the job!