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Using Tarp Tape

19th Jan 2018

We often get customers asking advice on the best way to modify their tarp. If you’re looking for a tarpaulin for a particular job and you need it to be a specific size you might find yourself purchasing a larger size and making it smaller. If you cut a tarpaulin it could fray, reducing the life of the tarp, so this is where our Tarp Tape comes in.

Tarpaulin Tape

It’s made in the USA, it’s extra-thick and incredibly strong, making it the perfect solution to any modification you may need to make to your tarp.

As well as modifying tarps it’s great for repairing them, too. If you get a rip or tear in your tarpaulin simply use the Tarp Tape to patch over it and it’s almost as good as new.

Tarpaulin Tape Join

The tape is completely waterproof, so you don’t need to worry about the tarp not being as reliable as it was.

Another great use for Tarp Tape is to join two tarps together. Simple overlap the two tarpaulins and use Tarp Tape on either side to securely join them.

Available in Blue, Black, Silver, White, Green or Clear we have every colour you could need to match our tarpaulins keeping them looking good as new even after they’ve been repaired or modified.