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Oase ProMax MudDrain Drainage Pumps


Oase ProMax MudDrain Drainage Pumps - High performance and long life drainage pump for extracting dirty water

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Product Information

Oase MudDrain Drainage pumps are designed for pumping unwanted water from all manner of flooded or waterlogged areas, and are ideal or for use in emergency flood situations and for flood prevention. Oase MudDrain pumps are particularly suited to pumping turbid, sedimented and murky water such as may be found on building sites and similar locales, ponds and waste grounds. Extremely tough and suitable for demanding environments these pumps feature robust impellers and stainless steel casings. A heavy, solid design ensures high stability and allows you to clear dirty water quickly, safely, reliably and with a minimum of fuss. Available in 6 models, they are capable of pumping water, with a solids handling capacity of up to 30mm particles for the smaller three models (7000, 11000, 14000), and up to 40mm particles for the 20000 and 25000 and 30000 models. The 3 bigger, high end models also employ a vortex impeller made of stainless steel in a cast iron housing, making these pumps even more robust and durable for the very toughest jobs.

All models make use of an adjustable float sensor, and a heavy duty carrying handle which also serves as the adjuster for the sensor float. Automatic switching occurs when a set water level is reached meaning you can leave these pumps fully submersed in a sump area ready for action as soon as needed. These brand new pumps from premium German brand Oase are the perfect thing for those tough jobs on the building site, around the home or garden.

  • High performance, tough and robust drainage pumps with impressive power, reliability and long life
  • Extract dirty water containing up to 30mm particles (7000, 11000 and 14000 models), or up to 40mm particles for the 20000 and 25000 and 30000 models
  • 6 models available, capable of a flow rate from 7000lph in the smallest model through to 30000lph for the largest model
  • Built in float sensor for automatic activation/de-activation
  • 2 Year Oase Guarantee


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