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Stray Cat Saved by Tarp from 11th Floor Plunge!

3rd Nov 2020

At least a couple of times in the past we’ve brought you stories of people being saved from building falls by landing in a tarp held by helpers on the ground. …This time it was the turn of a stray cat in Mumbai India.

Using up several of its 9 lives in 1 day the Ginger female cat slipped down a building shaft 3 times to finally come to rest atop an AC unit 11 stories from the ground! In a nail-biting 8 hour operation various methods were employed to try and save the molly which had recently littered, but all to no avail!

It’s assumed the mother cat had ventured into the apartment building searching for food for her kittens and had become stranded. Residents and the local fire brigade had tried to tempt the cat with food, and tried to slip a makeshift loop around her body or neck to pull her to safety, and attempts to usher her into the nearest apartment were greeted with hisses and growls. According to building resident Faiyaz Ansari: ‘She seemed stressed and got into attack mode. The only plausible way to save her was to cut open the iron grill, but that would have scared her.’

While all this was going on the Fire Brigade Captain had instructed some men to position themselves at the bottom of the shaft, holding a spread out tarp above the ground. At some point the cat either fell or jumped from its precarious predicament and was caught and saved by the men holding the tarp below. She promptly scampered from the tarp and the building, surely going off to check on her kittens. You can read the full story and watch the video at the original Times of India Story.

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