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Draper SWP Dirty Water Pump


Draper SWP Dirty Water Pump
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Product Information

Draper submersible water pumps are robust in design and are ideal where a large flow of water is required, such as irrigating gardens, draining cellars/basements and powering waterfalls and fountains.

This high pressure pump can handle 4mm solids, reducing the need for cleaning. A float switch on the pump will turn it off when the water falls to a certain level (which can be adjusted).


  • Suitable for use with large watercourses, emptying ponds and domestic use.
  • Ceramic shaft for long life, thermal overload protection, which will turn the pump off automatically should it become blocked
  • Can also be used in and around the home and garden - ideal for irrigating gardens and draining cellars/basements
  • 1 year guarantee

Flow rates vary by model:

  • 108 Litres per minute (6480Lph or 1425 Gallons per hour) OR
  • 120 Litres per minute (7200Lph or 1585 Gallons per hour) OR
  • 144 Litres per minute (8640Lph or 1900 Gallons per hour) OR
  • 250 Litres per minute (15000Lph or 3300 Gallons per hour)


Lifetime Guarantee

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