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Tarp Hook Fits 2 Litre Bottles - Single


Really useful bottle top tarp hook - fill the bottle to use as a weight to weigh down tarps etc.

Product Information

This clever tarp hook fits and screws on to the tops of 2 litre bottles and some other fizzy drinks bottles (eg; some 500ml bottles), allowing you to use these to weigh down tarps, and in fact any kind of sheeting with a suitable hook point.

Use with tarpaulins by hooking the bottle top hook through an eyelet and use the filled bottle to weigh down your tarp to stop it blowing away in the wind. It's a clever solution that secures your tarp in situations where there may be no anchor point - a farmer covering hay bales in a field for instance. Fill the bottles with liquid, sand, gravel or anything else that fits.  

Top tips: If filling with liquid in cold conditions, be sure not to totally fill the bottle to allow room for expansion if the liquid freezes.

If your tarp or sheeting has no eyelets then combine Tarp Hook with Hippo Swivel Clips to grip and weigh down your tarps


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