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Holdon XTRA


These super-strong Holdons are great for replacing ripped or damaged eyelets.
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Product Information

These XTRA Holdons are great for replacing ripped or damaged eyelets.

Ideal as banner clips for materials such as banners and signage materials or as camping clips for camping mats, tents, netting, wind protection, canvas in the garden, leisure and agriculture but also on stage applications in the event sector.

Simple and easy to use, no tools required, no damage to the material. 

Suitable for materials up to 1.5mm thick and for loads up to 45kg. Gripping harder the more force you exert, they are ideal for securing tents, awnings, tarpaulins or matting.


- Simple, fast and effective,

- The heavier the load the tighter the grip,

- Can be used over and over again,

- Can easily be repositioned in seconds,

- For materials that can be compressed to a maximum of 1.5mm, but open up to 4mm

- Quick release mechanism.

- L60mm, W37mm, H10mm

Available in Black, White or Grey


Lifetime Guarantee

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