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Camouflage Pattern Tarpaulin 80gsm - 2.4m x 1.8m


Also available as a Pack of 20

Camouflage Tarpaulin - 2.4m x 1.8m

The Ideal size for Den Making.

Product Information

Also available as a Pack of 20

Our Camouflage Pattern Tarpaulins are ideal for all your tarpaulin uses, and when you want that little extra hint of military flavour.

These make a great replacement for a camouflage net. Camo netting is heavy and these are much lighter but still very strong. A camouflage bivvy is useful for anglers and bushcraft campers where a camo tent would be a bit too much.

Paintball venues can use them to cover a base or a trench or anything else that could do to disappear.

As well as the military uses these tarps will fit in perfectly down at activity centres, scout meetings, cadets etc. Use for camping, or at home/garden and in fact just about anywhere.

This Tarp is the perfect size to make a Den. 

Constructed from strong durable materials making them tear resistant and waterproof, our camouflage tarps are suitable for indoor or outdoor use.

  • Waterproof
  • Rot proof
  • UV Protected
  • Double edged rope reinforced hems
  • Colour: Standard camouflage disruptive pattern
  • Weight: 80gm per sq metre

At Tarpaulins Direct we've got a massive range of tarpaulins and tarpaulin accessories so you can find a tarp that's right for you.

All of our tarpaulins are ‘cut sizes’ which means that the material is measured before being made into a tarpaulin. Because of this, the finished size can be up to 30cm shorter than advertised. See our Tarpaulin Guide (Get the right size and type) page for full details.

Sku: XDK024X018CA

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