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Why use our Budget tarpaulin?

24th Jan 2018

We stock various different grades of tarpaulin, so how do you choose which one you need? Find out more about our Budget tarpaulin so you can decide if it’s the right one for you.

Our Budget Tarpaulins are great value for money; they’re the perfect option if you’re looking for a protective cover that won’t break the bank. Budget tarpaulins are waterproof and rot proof, and they’re UV protected to give them a longer life.Budget tarpaulin covering garden chairs

Weighing just 110 grams per square metre they are one of our most lightweight tarps, but they’re strong enough for use indoors and out. Some great uses for our Budget tarpaulin include -

  • Covering garden furniture
  • Ground sheet
  • Collecting leaves
  • Decorating sheet
  • To protect car interiors

Dog on budget tarpaulin in car

With eyelets every metre you can easily secure our Budget tarpaulins if needed. They have a hem reinforced with plastic rope and an internal polythene weave, making them difficult to tear. They're blue on one side and olive green on the other, giving you the option of two colours on one sheet.

Available in 23 sizes we’re sure to have a size that suits you.

Looking for something a bit tougher? Check out our Topgrade or Monotex tarpaulins.