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Using Midi Holdons

1st Feb 2018

Midi Holdon on our Topgrade TarpaulinAlmost all of our tarpaulins come with eyelets every metre, but what if you want them spaced more frequently than that?

We stock extra eyelets but they can’t be fitted into some of our thicker materials, so this is where our Midi Holdons come in. Not only are they great for increasing the amount of eyelets you have in your tarp, they’re perfect for replacing any ripped or damaged eyelets.

They’re super strong, and can be fitted in materials up to 4mm thick so they’re perfect for our heavier tarpaulins.

Midi Holdons grip harder the more force you exert, so they’re perfect for securing tarps but also for tents and awnings.

Our Midi Holdons are available in packs of four, and in black, white or blue to match the colour of most of our tarpaulins.

Below shows a photograph taken by one of our customers, using our Midi Holdons to replace a damaged eyelet.

Using a midi holdon on a damaged tarp