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Using a Tarpaulin to Cover a Barbecue

22nd Jan 2018

The only downside of having a barbecue in summer? Forgetting you left the barbecue uncovered last summer and it’s rusted and unusable. Instead of an expensive barbecue cover, why not use a tarpaulin?

BarbecueThey’re waterproof, UV protected and rot proof making them the perfect barbeque cover. We stock a huge range of tarps, but our Topgrade tarpaulin is an excellent choice. Its 200gsm so it’s tough, but not so heavy it makes it an inconvenience to cover and uncover your barbecue each time you want to use it.

There’s loads of ways you can tie the tarpaulin down to keep it secure over your barbecue, but I find the easiest way is to lay it over the barbecue with the eyelets at the bottom nearest the ground, and thread Shock Cord through each of the eyelets all the way around the barbecue (the eyelets on the Topgrade tarpaulin are every metre, so it keeps it really secure). Tie the shock cord around the bottom and Hey Presto! Your barbecue is protected from the elements and should last for years, even if you don’t have room in your shed/garage to store it.

Happy barbecuing!