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Tarp Trick for Folding Huge Tarps

23rd Apr 2021

How about this for a nifty tarp trick for anyone struggling with folding large tarp coverings used on flatbed trucks – or indeed any large tarpaulin. A TikTokker known as femaleflatbedder posted a  video showing her expertly folding a huge tarp recently removed from her flatbed truck.

Tarp Trick for Folding Huge Tarps

In the absence of a 2 nd person to help (her friend was obviously too busy videoing, shhhh), she uses an ingenious technique where she half folds one end of the tarp covering and hooks it to her truck, before folding and sorting out the other end, and then finally returning to unhook and finish off the manoeuvre.

I’ve never tackled this job myself but judging from the poster’s 37,000 followers and 900,000 likes we’re guessing it must be pretty useful!