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Protecting Your Haystacks with a Tarp

26th Mar 2021

Most people probably think that a hay bale is an inert, inactive object. In actual fact though hay bales are akin to a living breathing organism. Rain falling on unprotected stacks or dew condensing on bales trigger microbes to go to work munching their way through the sugars contained in the hay. These are sugars that are needed by livestock.

Studies have shown that covering your hay bales with a tarp will save you money. In fact one study at Iowa State University showed that a $30,000 (£22,100) loss of value in hay bales due to spoilage and dry matter losses – could be reduced to a $14,500 (£10,680) loss by simply covering the bales with a tarp.

So the benefits of covering your bales with a tarp are proven. Visit our Farming category on our website to find the ideal tarp for covering your bales as well as a whole host of other products that are great for farming applications.