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Make a DIY Slip N Slide in the Heatwave!

16th Jul 2021

So we’re officially having a heatwave this weekend, with temps set to soar into the 30’s! So you’re probably racking your brains for things for you and the kids to do and enjoy in the glorious British sunshine. I bet you never thought your humble Tarp that’s languishing in the corner of your garage waiting for rainy weather, could actually bring you fun in the sun for the whole family too.

Well have a look at the video above and you’ll see how simple it is to set up a slip n slide that the whole family will just love. Granted you might not be lucky enough to have such a big area of garden or such a long tarp like this dad, but you can still have yourself lots of fun on a smaller scale by following his example

Just spread your Tarp out, get your hose on it and start slip sliding away!