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Hippo Swivel Clips - No End of Uses

18th Dec 2020

An invaluable and versatile item for you to have in your tarp kit is this Hippo Swivel Clip. You'll find this handy in any situation where your tarp or covering doesn't have any eyelets or other fastening points.

Made from a heavy duty frost resistant nylon and with a fierce screw down grip, the Hippo Clip is great for use with anything from tarps, awnings and pool covers, to tent repair and all manner of home, garden, camping or fishing uses. It's also great when you need an anchor point where there's no eyelet in your tarp. Wherever you need grip, Hippo Clip will fit!

Hippo Swivel Clip - Tarp Clip - Black Single

  • Made from super tough heavy duty nylon
  • All weather use - resists cracking at temperatures down to -42°C
  • Use with tarps, awnings, pool covers
  • Makeshift temporary tent repair and countless other camping or gardening uses
  • Perfect anchor point wherever your tarp has no eyelet