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Boy Rescued from Death Drop with Tarp

25th Sep 2020

An article in The Toronto Sun tells the dramatic story of how a tarp was used to help save a 6 year old boy and his disturbed adult assailant! At 1am in downtown Toronto police arrived on the scene to find a man dangling the boy out of a window by 1 leg!

As Const. Deanna Jovanovich explains: “A man was holding the child by his feet out of a window and dangling him over the ground.” She goes on to explain that there wasn’t much time to think as the man was yelling hysterically and the boy was screaming for his life!

Her partner Const. Ramandeep Singh said we new we had to get up there as quick as possible. They both dashed up to the third floor. Meanwhile the Fire Department deployed a tarp as a catch device in case the boy was dropped.

By the time the officers reached the position of the man and boy the man jumped from the ledge, leaving the boy hanging on precariously for dear life. Const. Singh climbed out on to the ledge while his partner and another colleague support and anchored him in place. Eventually they were able to bring the boy back in from the ledge head back down to the ground and arrest the man who had been caught and was now being restrained by the fire crew. For the full story on this dramatic rescue and a video of the officers being interviewed click on the link at the top of the page.

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