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Tarp Drainer


Tarp Drainer

Product Information

A simple way to keep tarpaulins water free!

The Tarp Drainer works by draining away pools of water that collect on top of your tarp.

These easy to use devices can be fitted to any tarpaulin. Simply cut a hole in the tarpaulin and attach the eyelet using a rubber mallet. Then fasten the elbow and hose to the bottom and direct the water wherever you want it to go. You could even store the water and use it on the garden.

This product can help your tarp stay stronger for longer since the weight of water on top of a tarp can put a strain on it and eventually reduce its strength.

    Each Kit Includes:
  • Eyelet
  • Adapter
  • Elbow
  • 2.6 metres of flexible hose

Sku: LATD01

Lifetime Guarantee

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