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Flexi Tarp Expert - Flame Retardant


Flexi Tarp Expert - Flame Retardant Multi-Purpose Tarp

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Product Information

These tarpaulins have been manufactured to be flame retardant according to EN 13501-1 class B.

The design of the tarp means that although not see through they allow a lot of light to pass and so are ideal for working under or behind. The tarp weighs 170 grammes per square metre and is constructed of a polypropylrene rope grid sandwiched between two outer waterproof layers.

  • Opaque white colour
  • Double edged reinforced hems
  • Fire resistant to - EN 13501-1 class B

At Tarpaulins Direct we've got a massive range of tarpaulins and tarpaulin accessories so you can find a tarp that's right for you.

Please Note: All of our tarpaulins are ‘cut sizes’ which means that the material is measured before being made into a tarpaulin. Because of this, the finished size can be up to 30cm shorter than advertised. See our Tarpaulin Guide (Get the right size and type) page for full details.


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