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Using a Tarpaulin for a 'Slip 'n' Slide'

24th Jan 2018

You’d be surprised the amount of phone calls we receive in summer asking if our tarpaulins are suitable for use as a ‘Slip and Slide’ and the answer is YES! You know the ones we mean…lay out a long tarpaulin on the grass, use a hose pipe to cover it with water and then slide away! It’s the perfect summer activity for school clubs, team building, or just a fun thing to do with friends.

We’ve sold lots of our Topgrade tarpaulins to customers looking for this exact thing, and have plenty of sizes available. If you want an extra-long slip and slide, our 30m x 5m Tarpaulin is ideal!

What are you waiting for? Give us a call and start planning your Slip ‘n’ Slide today!

Tarpauling being used as a slip n slide