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Original Tarp Holder - Pack of 4


The Original Tarp Holder (Also Known as the TarpGripper)

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Product Information

With its simple design, the Original Tarp Holder (also sometimes known as the TarpGripper), enables you to easily fasten a tarp without putting a hole in it. Simple to fit, just place the disc under the material, fit the top ring on the groove of the disc underneath, and snap the tongue into place. The holder can be connected to any part of a sheet or tarpaulin and is ideal for building, farming, gardening, boating and camping. They are strong and reusable, and come in 4 packs or are available singly.

  • 10 times stronger than a grommet
  • Can be placed anywhere on a tarp or sheet - no need for eyelets
  • Fast and easy to use
  • Durable, rugged and re-useable

Sku: THLD01

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