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Oase ProMax Garden Classic Irrigation Pumps


Oase ProMax Garden Classic Drainage Pumps - Powerful, efficient and compact irrigation pumps

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Product Information

Oase Promax Classic Pumps are quiet, efficient yet powerful pumps capable of pumping up to 2800lph (3000 model) or 4200lph (4500 model), which can be used for a variety of applications, including irrigation of gardens, allotments and even horticultural and agricultural uses where a mains water supply may not be readily available or sufficient. The design is deliberately compact and ergonomic – with easy to use comfortable handles, an easy to reach toggle switch on top, and they are extremely stable in use also. Manufactured to be quiet in operation the grey cast iron housing helps keep sound levels down to a maximum of around 70dB.

These pumps feature an extremely efficient injector which means they’ll start sucking water in the shortest of times - up to a height of 8 metres. Oase Promax Classic Irrigation Pumps also feature thermal dry run protection.

  • Powerful, efficient and compact irrigation pumps available in 2 sizes
  • Ergonomic design means ease of use and easy to move around.
  • Self-priming efficient injector starts pumping quickly up to a height of 8 metres
  • Quiet in operation – to a maximum sound level of around 70dB
  • Thermal dry run protection


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